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Lines of research

The lines of research of the Institute for research in archaeology and heritage are:

  • General lines:
    • Archaeological research on the past from the present and the present from the past.
    • Material culture, archaeology, historical heritage, cultural heritage and built heritage.
    • Material sources, epigraphy, numismatics.
    • Methodology, historiography and historico-arqueologica research tools.
    • Integral management of archaeological projects.
    • Management of museography, museology and heritage.
    • Economic and social development of the historical and archaeological heritage.
    • Analysis of historical societies and their systems of Cultural Affairs from the archeological perspective.
    • Bioarchaeology, Georqueologia, paleoanthropology, Archaeometry, environmental sciences and information sciences applied to the archaeological heritage.
    • Archaeological reading of the historical landscapes and social spaces.
    • Representation, social projection and iconography. Material perspectives.
    • Social constructions of the past, gender, identity and memory. Materials and historical perspectives.
    • Heritage Virtualization: virtual reconstruction, digital treatments, information, recreation for the dissemination of the heritage or virtual restoration.
    • New formats of communication to disseminate scientific and technological advances.
  • Specific line:
    • Research, conservation and dissemination at the University site of La Alcudia, within the statutory framework and the agreements which have been agreed.

University Institute of research in archaeology and heritage (INAPH)

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